People of my life.

Few and far between,
the good.
The good people who change your life.
I am satisfied with my people,
the people
I have been gifted.
The guides and profits I have found.


One day.

One day the building we love
will be submerged.
and fish will swim through. oblivious.
And the glass will crack
And weeds will grow through
And the sun will burst.
All the world, civilisation, gone.
And that is why this doesn’t matter.

Days will evaporate

​Days will evaporate to nothing 

And so will your memories 

But know you lived them well. 

Know that when a song plays. 

Or a line is said That some one you loved will smile 

Remembering the dead.
Hold on to being kind, 

Because that’s all we can be constantly 

Know that all you can do 

Is make a difference right now. 

Make it better for now. 

And then in the memory of you

 People will hold dear

 The good they saw through you
You will not be missed always 

But you will be remembered often 

And loved despite departing

 Because of your good life.

In your name

With this name I am bestowed with power,
the nameless means nothing: Inferior.
Tell me wisely, that your name means more
because greatness comes from the mind.
You believe it,
make it so and it shall be.

When the world hears your name,
when the world falls into place.
Your name will have meaning,
and belonging
Worthy of your name.

Shrinking expanse

Have you seen the shrinking expanse,
the huge small world we live inside.
All merely steps away.

tell me there is something off in the vast.
something worth venturing to

Along the winding terrain
I want to dive, escape the close
and thrash in the dark nothing.